The World Aids Day 2018

The World Aids Day 2018
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There are hardly anyone to be unaware of Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) today. About what is the reason for AIDS, actress Shabana Azmi has come up with an awareness of the ease and beauty she has explained through advertising. AIDS awareness campaign is run in various ways by the government and non-governmental organizations from time to time, but the irony is that people are also unaware of knowing. Like every year, World AIDS Day will be celebrated even today. Under which people will be made aware at the ceremony at different places.

But there is a truth that even today in our country, the situation of people trapped in AIDS cyclones in our city is not good. After all, what is the reason, how much improvement is in the situation, reports based on which organizations are working in this area.

Aids Still problem in 2018

Those who still have AIDS in our country, do not hesitate to accept it. This is because of discrimination in the home, society. Today, there is a feeling of discrimination against HIV positive people. If equality is treated, then the situation can improve further.

More HIV Aids patient in lower income group 2018

People have become aware of the matter if they make awareness, so today the number of people who have counseling for it has increased. But this number is restricted to the urban area and the people of middle and upper income groups. The people of the lower classes still lack the information. Therefore, this class has more HIV positive people. While many organizations are running awareness campaign about this in people of low income groups.
Knowingly unknowingly

People do not take precautions even after knowing the cause. Instead of avoiding the causes of AIDS, ignore them. Most of these people are vulnerable to AIDS due to unsafe sex and infected blood.

Many organizations in the city

Today many social workers and government organizations are working in the city against AIDS. The purpose of this is to make people aware, to make people living with AIDS appropriate place in the society, treat them, etc. Some of these institutions are Family Planning Association of India, Trust, Indian Rural Woman Union, Madhya Pradesh Voluntary Health Association, District Level Network, World Vision etc. In addition, AIDS counseling, test and post counseling are done in the M.Y. Hospital, District Hospital, Lal Hospital.
World Aids Day

Aids Diagnosis possible with shared effort 2018

The Family Planning Association of India, Indore Branch is working to educate people through sexuality education, counseling, research, training / therapeutic (SECRT) project. The institution is working to educate the infant children and girls about adolescence, aids and so on. Program Officer Rajendra Vyas said that 50 years have passed since the institution has been started and AIDS has been working for nearly 10 years. Under the awareness campaign, schools and colleges are selected, but for those who do not go to school and college, community programs or street plays are explained. Branch Manager Pratul Jain points out that the efforts to prevent AIDS will be successful only when the government, the public and the non-governmental organizations try together.

HIV Aids 2018 free society

‘Faith’ The Holy Spirit is the human initiative of the Sangh Sangh. Its objective is HIV-free society. This organization, created in 2003, does not only work for the health of people living with AIDS but also acts as an integral part of their economic independence, counseling and the mainstream of society or family. Like Anthony, director of trust organization, Anthony said that from time to time, the work was done on this subject with a new project. Program coordinator Jyoti Shipankar points out that in 2008, the trust community care center started, besides providing treatment to AIDS, also provides employment to the individual and his family, and also gives the right to education to his children.

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HIV AIDS Reason How Spread

Data On Aids 2018 WHO and UNO Launched Last Year On HIV Aids

  • Fact Sheet is more than 5 million AIDS in India.
  • There are more than 20 thousand people in the city.
  • Most patients are from lower classes.
  • The risk of AIDS increases in people living away from home.
  • Drugs are also shared with needles for addiction, and AIDS is also offered.

World AIDS Day Theme 2018

The theme of AIDS 2018 is “Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges”, Selection of topics for the World AIDS Day campaign is done by WHO, UNAIDS (United Nations Program on HIV and AIDS) and many global and domestic agencies involved in prevention, treatment and awareness of HIV / AIDS. Every year starting from 2008, the topic is selected by the World Steering Committee of World AIDS Campaign (WAC).

During the year 2005-10, the theme for AIDS Day was “Stop AIDS” for the world every year. On this subject, to achieve public support for the prevention, treatment, care and awareness of HIV / AIDS by the year 2010. To motivate the political leaders, various dimensions were considered and they have been emphasized on adopting various programs as well.

Posters on world Aids Day 2018

Essay Writing on World Aids Day 2018 in English Language 500 Words

‘AIDS’ is a deadly disease which is gradually taking the whole world in its grip. Worldwide doctors and scientists are searching for medicines for their prevention over the years, but they have not been successful yet.

There are various types of discussions about ‘AIDS’ around the world. All are eagerly waiting for the day when scientists will be able to succeed in the search of this drug. The full name of AIDS is ‘Acquired Immune Deficial Syndrome’.

Scientists were alerted only in 1977 when a conference of more than 200 scientists across the globe was held in the US. But in reality, it was recognized in 1988. Since then, we know in the form of Anti AIDS December on 1st December.

All infected with AIDS get HIV virus Today, the number of people affected by AIDS has reached more than four million people worldwide. In South and South-East Asia alone, about one crore people are infected with HIV.

In Thailand alone, about 3 to 4 thousand people every year are causing the threat due to AIDS. A closer look, we find that around 25 people die around the world due to AIDS.

AIDS mainly spreads to the following reasons
  1. By sexual intercourse with a woman or a man infected with HIV or female.
  2. Using contaminated needles.
  3. Corrupt blood transmissions
  4. HIV from the womb of infected woman.

AIDS does not spread due to any other reason other than the above reasons. A person suffering from AIDS slowly goes to eliminate the body’s immune system. AIDS does not spread by hand joining or touching. People with AIDS can live normal lives like us. That is why we should treat them sympathetically.

Even in India, this disease has taken its foot. We all have the moral responsibility that we take full care and try to make everyone aware about it. The Indian government is giving it a great deal of importance.

The campaign is organized simultaneously through Doordarshan, Newspapers and other media so that more and more people can get the right information about it. AIDS Advisory Centers have been set up from which people can get answers to their questions.

Only ‘disposable’ needle is being used in hospitals. The spread of AIDS, more and more efforts are being made mainly due to global culture, more efforts are needed by NGOs in the metros. To work in the centers of business of the body, spreading consciousness has become essential for the upliftment of our society and to prevent this disease.

It is expected that scientists will soon be diagnosed with this deadly disease, which will soon be able to free the world from AIDS. Recently, some companies in India have developed some AIDS medicines which can reduce the pain of patients.

Medicines made by Indian companies are also cheap and effective, which are recognized worldwide. Due to this, the demand of some Indian medicines is increasing in the world. But there is still a lot of research needed in this field.

What is the full form of AIDS

AIDS: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Each word can be explained as:

Acquired: It means that you can get infected with it.

Immune Deficiency: It specifies the weakness of body's immune system.

Syndrome: It is a group symptoms that make up a disease.


HIV Positive: Symptoms, Treatment, and Causes

HIV Positive: Symptoms, Treatment, and Causes


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