Due To Abortion, Symptoms And Home Remedies

how much does an abortion cost women's clinic day after pill teenage pregnancy
how much does an abortion cost women's clinic day after pill teenage pregnancy

Abortion is a tragic and scary term for a pregnant woman. Every woman wants her baby to come into this world of healthy and uncomfortable, but sometimes due to physical problems some women become victims of abortion. As much as the physiological discomfort of miscarriage, the same mentality makes the woman weak. It is important, therefore, that the woman who has had an abortion may be helped to recover mentally, so that the shock will gradually get out of her jaw.

In this article of Mamjungun, we will discuss some problems related to abortion in detail, so that women who are pregnant or are preparing to become pregnant, do not face it.

At first, it is important to know what abortion is.

What Is Miscarriage?

When a fetus dies in the womb before the 20th week of pregnancy, then it is called abortion. It is also called automatic abortion. Many people think that abortion is very rare, but it is not.

Come on, know how many types of abortion are there.

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Different Types Of Abortion

There are many types of abortion and it depends on the state of your pregnancy. The symptoms of each abortion can vary. Below we are going to tell how many types of miscarriages can be :

  1. Missed Abortion: The pregnancy ends in itself. During this time there is no bleeding and no symptoms appear. In some cases, even after miscarriage, the fetus remains in the womb and it is detected when the fetal development stops in the womb. Its address is made from ultrasound.
  2. Incomplete Abortion: In such an abortion, the woman suffers from severe bleeding and lower abdominal pain. Only a part of the embryo can come out in it. This is why it is called incomplete abortion. It can be diagnosed with ultrasound.
  3. Complete Abortion: This is entirely like abortion, as the name suggests . In this, the embryo comes out completely from the uterus. Having severe pain in the stomach and having heavy bleeding can be the symptoms of complete abortion.
  4. Inevitable Abortion: There is bleeding and the cervix opens, causing the embryo to come out. During this time, the woman is constantly in the stomach.
  1. Infected (septic) abortions: During this time there is an infection in the womb, which causes miscarriage.

Come on, do you know now that miscarriage is really common?

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How Much Is Abortion?

It is normal to have an abortion. Especially in early pregnancy, many women may have a miscarriage. Apart from this, it also depends on when the miscarriage happens. A pregnant woman out of five gets aborted before the 20th week of pregnancy 

Now below we are telling you about some of the symptoms of abortion.

Signs And Symptoms Of Abortion. Garbhpat Ke Lakshan

The most common symptom of abortion is bleeding in the stomach and vaginal bleeding. If such symptoms appear during pregnancy, then you should contact the doctor immediately. Here we are discussing the symptoms of pregnancy 

  • Hemorrhage from the vagina: Bleeding from the vagina can be the most important symptom of miscarriage. During this you may have spots, blood clots or excessive bleeding. This bleeding may be brown or dark red.
  • Faster pain in the back : Pain in back is common in pregnancy, but this pain can sometimes be unbearable. In this case, you should contact the doctor immediately, because it can be an indication of abortion.
  • Spasm in the lower part of the stomach : Pain in the lower part of the stomach can be a matter of concern, because it is also one of the symptoms of abortion. This pain can be as fast or as fast as the pain that occurs during pregnancy.

Apart from this, many times it happens that symptoms of abortion may not be noticed. In this case, it is known when the pregnant goes to the doctor for regular screening.

We have learned about the above abortion symptoms. Let’s now know about the causes of abortion.

Due To Miscarriage. Garbhpat Ke Karan

Here are some of the main reasons for abortions :

  • hormonal imbalance.
  • The disease-resistance or blood clotting problem
  • Problems like thyroid or diabetes.
  • Problems in the womb or uterus
  • Due to too much smoking

Other causes of miscarriage:

  1. Chromosome abnormality: This may also be a cause of miscarriage. The smallest structures present in the body of a person are called chromosomes. These structures work to bring and carry jeans. In some cases when men’s sperm meet eggs, then there is an error in either one of the eggs or sperm, so that the matching of a chromosome in the embryo becomes abnormal, thus abortion can occur .
  2. Uterine abnormalities and unable substances: When the size of the uterus and the distribution of the uterus (in this case the uterus of the uterus is divided by the muscular or fibrous wall) is abnormal, then abortion status can occur, because in such cases the embryo implanted in the uterus Not able to.
  3. Immunology Disorder: Occasionally there may be an implant in the uterus due to immunology disorder (this may cause problems like asthma, allergy, autoinflammatory syndrome), this can also cause miscarriage.
  4. PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome): Women who have problems with PCOS, increase the risk of miscarriage. In this situation, the balance of progesterone and estrogen hormones deteriorates, due to which the eggs do not develop for pregnancy.

Due to the abortion you read above, let’s know, due to repeated abortion.

Reasons For Repeated Miscarriage

The chromosomal abnormalities can be an important reason behind women who have abortions. Here are some other reasons for which there may be repeated abortions, such as:

  • Trying to conceive at a higher age: Women who try to conceive in more than 35 years of age, they can have abortions.
  • Too much to run or to travel too much : To run a lot during a pregnancy or traveling in the first and third trimester can cause abortion.
  • Too much pressure on the stomach or injury: If a woman is injured in an abdomen during pregnancy or under pressure, then miscarriage can also occur.
  • Any infection in the vagina : It is common for women to have vaginal infection. In such cases, repeated vaginal infections can cause miscarriage.

Let’s now know about the natural methods of preventing abortions.

Natural Methods Of Preventing Abortions

To stop any problem, people first think about adopting natural methods. Here are some natural ways to stop abortion:

Take Folic Acid and Prenatal Vitamins: To avoid the risk of miscarriage, it is advisable to take folic acid and other vitamins before and during pregnancy. Doctors recommend taking 400 to 800 mg of folic acid daily.

Regular Vaccination: Due to some chronic diseases, the risk of miscarriage increases. In this way, you can avoid this problem by applying the necessary vaccine.

Exercise regularly: It may be beneficial to exercise a little during pregnancy. During this, stretching and yoga etc. can reduce the risk of miscarriage. Be sure to consult your doctor before doing this and do it under the supervision of a qualified instructor.

Stay away from cigarettes and tobacco : Cigarettes and tobacco are not only bad for health, but it can be the main reason for abortion. Therefore, you stop immediately consuming all these things. 
Let’s now know some home remedies for abortions.

Home Remedies For Abortions

Below we are telling some home remedies, with the help of which you can prevent abortion, such as:

  • By mixing honey with the spoon of a spoonful gooseberry, the problems of pregnancy and the risk of miscarriage can be avoided.
  • If during pregnancy you feel acid-reflux (due to indigestion, the acid goes towards the throat in the food tube, which is called acid reflux), then by eating 3-4 almonds, this condition can be dealt with.

note : Whatever recipe you take, follow the doctor’s opinion.

Let’s now see what treatment is possible to deal with abortion.

Diagnosis And Treatment Of Abortion. I’m Sorry

If the diagnosis of abortion is corrected at the right time, then the problem of infection can be avoided. If this does not happen, the woman may be in danger. Below we are describing how to diagnose abortion :

Pelvic tests: During this time doctors will examine the spread of the cervix.

Ultrasound: During ultrasound, the doctor will check the fetal heart beat and find out whether the fetus is developing normally or not. If this does not know anything, then ultrasound can be done again in about a week.

Blood test: During this time, doctors can compare the level of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) to your blood sample and from the earlier level. If this changed, it could be a sign of the problem. Doctors can also check that you do not have anemia.

Tissue test: If tissues are starting to exit from the cervix, then doctors can check for abortion to detect them.

Chromosome Test: If you have had an abortion earlier, then you and your husband can do blood tests to detect chromosomal discomfort.

Let’s now know about treating abortions:

  • If a miscarriage occurs at the beginning of pregnancy, within a week after the embryo’s death, it will automatically exit the vagina. This is called natural abortion. If it is not naturally, you may need to take medical treatment.
  • Through medical treatment, either abstinence or medicines are treated in abortion, or it is treated with medication through vaginal path. Most doctors treat it by inserting medicines through the vaginal tract. This process can take up to 24 hours.
  • It is also treated with surgery, which is called the Dyeing and Curative (D & C) process. In this process, doctors carry out fetal tissue from the uterus. This is done when tweaks themselves do not come out.

Precautions After Abortion

After abortion, the woman needs to be cared for and done well. There is a need to take care of the woman’s physical condition completely. Here we are telling what precautions need to be taken after abortion.

  • Take special care to eat and drink. Avoid eating raw meat and soft cheese.
  • Do not think of starting another pregnancy until after your two monthly menstrual cycles are completed after abortion.
  • After abortion, exercise should be done regularly with the advice of the doctor and keep your weight under control.
  • If the fever is coming after abortion, contact the doctor. Do not ignore the fever at all, because it can be an indication of infection after abortion.
  • Avoid making physical relationships for a while after abortion.
  • Do not smoke and caffeine.

After caution, let’s take a look at some myths and facts about abortion.

Some Facts And Myths About Abortion

There are many myths about abortion, which do not have any scientific evidence. Below we are going to tell about some myths and their facts related to abortion:

  • Many people believe that it can not be re-pregnated after abortion, which is completely wrong. After proper care after abortion, the woman can be pregnant again and also give birth to a healthy baby.
  • Many people understand that getting blood from vagina during pregnancy is only a miscarriage, but it is not. It is normal to have light spots in pregnancy. This problem is especially common in the first three months.
  • Some people think that mating may occur after sexual intercourse during pregnancy, but it is not. There is no relation between abortion and sexual intercourse. Babies in the womb are completely safe in the amniotic armor, so sex is not a risk of miscarriage. You only need to pay attention to sex position.

These were some myths, which people believe, which is completely wrong. Let’s look at some questions related to pregnancy now.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Can stress be abortion?

Tension can cause miscarriage, there is no scientific evidence yet . 

However, taking stress during pregnancy affects the child’s development in the womb.

When can I start trying to get pregnant after abortion?

here is no scheduled time to get pregnant again after abortion. When the doctor tells you that now you are physically ready for a second pregnancy, then you can plan for another pregnancy. In addition, some people may take time to recover from abortion. It depends on you how long you can recover from it 

We hope you have found answers to important questions related to abortion. If you still need an answer to any other question related to it, then ask us in the comment box below and share this information with the maximum pregnant women.


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