How to cure gastric problem permanently

gastric problem in stomach
gastric problem in hindi
The gastric problem gas seems to be simple, but many times the problem becomes huge. The body also does not have the full benefit of nutritious food due to gas. Shamim Khan is telling ways to avoid the gas and to avoid them. It is simply a matter of making gastric problem  in the body. It goes out of the body either through duck or through the anal path. Most people produce 1 to 4 pintas of gas in the body, and they pass gas at least 14 to 23 times in a day. Those with digestive power which are poor and who suffer from constipation often have more gas problems.

Why is gastric problem ?

In our digestive system, gas comes in two ways, by swallowing air and by the breakdown of unhealthy food.

By the air swallowed

Acrophobia or swollen air is the most important cause of gas in the stomach. Everybody consumes air while eating and drinking. Although eating or drinking, chewing gum, smoking, some people take more air in the air, which contain nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide. Some air exits through the Dakar and some air goes into the intestine, where some of its amounts are absorbed. The remaining gas goes from here to the large intestine, which goes out through the anal path.

Breakdown of food

The body does not digest nor absorbs some carbohydrates. In the small intestine, digestion of certain enzymes is not digested due to lack or absence. When this meal comes from the small intestine to the large intestine, the process of fermentation (yeast) begins with the bacteria, which makes the gas. With aging, the level of enzymes in the body decreases, the problem of gas increases very much.

What happens in the gas problem

Flatulence White collar accumulation on the tongue Bad breath Stool feces etc.

Gas-producing food

Vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and onions, fruit like apples, bananas and peaches, whole grains such as wheat, soft drinks and fruit juice, milk and made products, canned food etc.

When the gas gets foul

The gastric problem that is formed in the body is odorless. It contains carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen and sometimes methane. Sometimes the smell that comes out of the passage of the anal route is due to the sulfuric gas formed from the intestine. How to cure gastric problem permanently

Make lifestyle changes

Maintain your average weight. Do not sit for several hours continuously, break after a few minutes every hour. After a lunch, walk for a while. Use stairs rather than lift. After eating, take a glass of lime water or take a small papaya in a small tiffin box and take it to the work place and eat after meals.

Remedies to avoid gastric problem

Do not drink carbonated drinks and wine because they release carbon dioxide. Do not drink anything by piping, but drink directly from the glass. Do not eat more fried and spicy food. Stress is also a major reason for becoming a gas, so try every possible way to stay away from stress. Constipation can also be a reason for it. The longer the food will remain in the large intestine, the amount of gas will be formed. Do not sleep immediately after eating. Take a walk for a while. This will improve digestion and the stomach will not grow. Eat food at certain times to keep your biological clock correct. Eat more quantity of fluids along with more fibrous foods. Stay away from smoking and alcohol.

Signs of serious health problems

The problem of gas is not very serious, but it may be a sign of serious problems related to digestive system. It may include constipation, food allergy, indigestion, irritability bowel syndrome (IBS), kidney or gland bladder stones, swelling of gland bladder, appendix, stomach tumors etc. In this case, contact the doctor immediately.

These problems may be

Swelling of the pancreas

If the problem of gas comes with stomach inflammation, fever, gear and vomiting, then it can be due to swelling in the pancreas. This has been revealed in a study in China.


Fever, grief, vomiting, excessive amount of gas etc. can be symptoms of appendix. There is a lot of gas in the stomach, and there is a problem in taking out the gas. Symptoms of constipation and diarrhea are also visible. If you have an appendix, then surgery is the only treatment.

Problem of Gaul bladder

Gas bladder may be a problem of excessive amounts of gas. This causes symptoms of dizziness, diarrhea and abdominal pain. This is a very serious problem, which should contact the doctor immediately.

Home made remedies

Garlic enhances the process of digestion and reduces gas problem. Add curd to your food. Coconut water is very effective in the problem of gas. Ginger contains digestive enzymes. After eating, eat ginger pieces in lemon juice and eat them. Get rid of gas problem. If you have been suffering from gas problem for a long time, then eat three buds of garlic and some pieces of ginger empty stomach. Eat tomatoes with meals daily If the rock salt in tomatoes gets mixed then it will be more effective. Eat mint This will improve digestive system. Boil the cardamom powder in a glass of water. Drink this in a lukewarm way before eating it. This will reduce the gas. If the gas in the stomach is uncomfortable, then lie down and make the head slightly elevated. Rest in this situation for a while, restlessness will end.



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