Is there pain while having sex? You are not alone.

Effective Ways To Avoid Pain While Having Sex
Synergy during sex

Why are some women feeling full of sex pain? Dyspionia is a common sex problem, but many women do not know about it.

Pain while having sex

If you have ever felt pain during intercourse, do not panic, because you are not alone. Doctors have given the name ‘Dispirinia’ to this problem and according to them it is divided into two categories: one in the vagina I feel helpless pain, and in the second there is a feeling of pain in the upper surface of the vagina. Doctors also say that this is very common.

Vagina burn and pain while having sex.

But how common? And why does this happen? To find out the answers to these questions, British researchers talked to more than 6500 women across the nation. I researchers asked women whether they had felt pain for three months or more because of sex last year and if it had happened How bad he was Women were also asked questions about sex and issues such as whether they have difficulty getting excited or feeling restless about sex.

Pain while having sex

Conversation is open about this

Researchers learned that seven and seven percent of British women had experienced pain during sex. Only two percent of women were for whom painful sex was a serious problem: they had pain for several months, every time there was pain during sex Because of this, he was also very tense.

Pain while having sex in vagina

Research revealed that feeling of pain during sex is more common among women between 16 to 24 years and 55 to 64 years of age. The researchers also knew that women suffering from dyspionia wanted that they would know about this problem when they had lost their virginity. Researchers say it is important that sexual teachers and health advisors are having pain during sex Speak openly about the possibility.

Synergy during sex

It is reported in the study that pain during sex is similar to the other problems that a woman can have from physical connection to her partner. It is probably not surprising that the same women suffer more pain Sex is more frightened and those who worry about it, do not get excitement more than necessary. Could take the places (because due to stress does not cause moisture in her vagina and she stays dry) nor could remain conscious of the needs of your partner (during sex) I

Effective Ways To Avoid Pain While Having Sex

If you are feeling a lack of synergy between yourself and your partner in terms of sex like how much to have sex, or what you both do not like during sex or feel hesitant to talk about it – All of these may be due to your pain during sex.

The study also showed that some health problems are not related to the sexual life of a woman, at least not in a clear way. I may also be due to the experience of pain during sex. For example, Chronic illness or any mental health problem like frustration (depression) can also be linked to Desperiberia.

Ramaban – Forplay

The important thing here is that the researchers have not been able to ascertain what its real cause is. Even though they know that it is often caused by problems related to sex in health or in a relationship, but what happens due to this They have not been able to reach the conclusion yet.

What type of pain does a girl experience while having sex?

Because it is still a mystery and many potential causes of painful sex, there is no solution to this problem. But the foreplay can definitely help in it. And not just foreplay, quite a fullplay! When a woman gets excited, her pelvic muscles relax and the vagina also becomes well-lubricated. This is the first step towards pain-free, and pleasant sex for women. The slow and long foreplay is the first treatment for getting rid of this pain.

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