22 Best Ways To Get Pregnant Soon – Jaldi Pregnant Hone Ke Tips

22 Best Ways To Get Pregnant Soon - Jaldi Pregnant Hone Ke Tips

Being a mother is a very special and lovely experience for every woman. Some people start trying for the child immediately after marriage. However, some people take a little time to plan for the child.

But many times husband and wife are not aware of the exact time of childbirth. Many types of questions arise in his mind. What is the right time to get pregnant? What are the ways to get pregnant early? Or when to intercourse to be pregnant? But due to lack of answer to these questions, many women have to face difficulties in conceiving.

In this article of Mammjunction we are going to answer these questions to you. At the same time, we will also tell you about the remedies which can be avoided by troubleshooting due to adoption. Not only this, we will also give you tips that can easily be conceived.

The Way To Know The Right Time To Get Pregnant

At the time of ovulation, the probability of conception is highest. Therefore, couples who wish to have children should intercourse during this period. If a woman’s monthly cycle is 28 days, its ovulation time can be between 11th and 14th day. Although the physical condition of all women is different, it is difficult to find the exact time of ovulation. Many medical experts recommend sexual intercourse between the seventh day of the monthly cycle to conceive.

Best Ways To Get Pregnant Soon – Jaldi Pregnant Hone Ke Tips

If you wish, by examining your physical temperature or with the help of the ovulation calculator , you can also calculate the exact time of your ovulation.

As far as men’s sperm is concerned, they can survive for 12 to 24 hours in the fallopian tube. Therefore, if sexual intercourse is done during the process of ovulation, then sperm is easy to fertilize the egg. As a result, the chances of a woman getting pregnant increases.

Keep These Things In Mind For Early Pregnancy Meditation:

1. Stay away from stress

There are no two opinions that stress is the root cause of many diseases. Now every second person is stressed about something or something. Stress hormonal equilibrium worsens, causing many types of physical problems to be born. Stress does not only affect women but also the fertility of a male has very bad effect. If you are stressed about something, then try to draw attention from that side. To avoid stress, do yoga, meditate and be as happy as possible. Being happy and relaxed will keep your hormonal balance and will not have a bad effect on fertility.

2. Avoid drug addiction

Drug addiction also has a bad effect on your reproductive ability. Drugs, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, etc. have a bad effect on the reproductive capacity of both men and women.

3. Keep weight balanced

Overweight or overweight weight affects your reproductive capacity. Women who weigh more than usual, they are at risk of getting diabetes or heart related diseases. Apart from this, women who are overweight may also have problems with menstrual irregularity. This type of problem has a negative effect on the ovulation process and the woman has difficulty in conceiving.

4. Make an eye on physical temperature

You pay attention to your physical temperature. The temperature of your body compared to other days increases some during the ovulation process. Wake up in the morning and check the temperature of your body daily. If your body temperature is higher than normal days, then it may be time for your ovulation. In normal days, the body temperature of the woman is 96 to 98 degrees Fahrenheit. At the same time, during the ovulation, the body temperature of the woman may increase from 0.6 to 0.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Check with the doctor

Before starting the process of becoming a mother, it is important that you do your medical examination. Check with the doctor to make sure that you do not have any kind of disease. If there are any problems in the investigation, do not panic. Treat your disease during the time and conceive as per the doctor’s advice.

6. Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

The effect of your lifestyle also affects your reproductive capacity. Women who are preparing to become mothers must first adopt a healthy lifestyle. They should drink plenty of water and exercise regularly. By doing so, the female’s reproductive capacity is improved and it is easy to conceive.

7. Get good food

Your eating habits influence your reproductive ability. Therefore, women preparing to conceive are nutritious and balanced eaters. They eat plenty of vitamins and minerals. Include fruit and green leafy vegetables in your diet. In addition, they should also eat things that contain abundant amounts of folic acid, vitamin-B12 and omega-3 fatty acids.

8. Stop taking contraceptive medicines

If you are planning to conceive, you must first stop the use of contraceptive medicines. Keep in mind that stop using contraceptive medicine before starting the conception plan.

9. Have sexual intercourse

The most important thing to be pregnant – sexual intercourse So you can interact as much as possible with your partner. Especially during the process of ovulation, intercourse several times. This will definitely increase your chances of conceiving. 

10. Morning fuck in the morning

Your body feels very refreshing in the morning after taking a good night’s sleep. Therefore, along with reproductive organs in the morning, the rest of your body also works smoothly. This is the reason why women who want to conceive are advised to have sexual intercourse in the morning.

11. Do not interfere with stress

Many spouses become more serious than getting the child. Due to this, tension gets overwhelmed even during sexual intercourse. We have already told that stress has a negative effect on the ability to conceive. Therefore, enjoy sexual intercourse. Do not interfere with the purpose of conception only.

12. Do not use lubricants

Many people use lubricant during physical connection. But if you are trying to conceive, then do not use lubricant. Lubricants have a bad effect on sperm, which causes problems in pregnancy. 

13. Keep the currency of sexual intercourse

It is not necessary to have sexual intercourse in a particular currency to conceive. For this, the correct mixing of sperms and eggs is enough. But, it is good to stay in the back for some time after sexual intercourse to increase the probability of pregnancy. This reduces the scope of sperm to exit. 

14. Reduce tea, coffee consumption

If you are trying to get pregnant, you reduce the consumption of tea, coffee as it contains caffeine. It is okay to drink one to two cups of coffee throughout the day. But, over-consumption of coffee can hinder your pregnancy. 

15. Have a lot of sleep

Good sleep is very important to be healthy. If you are trying to conceive, then you must take a lot of sleep. Take seven to eight hours of sleep at night. Apart from this, a slight nap in the afternoon keeps your metabolism well. This keeps the balance of the hormone in your body and increases your chances of getting pregnant. 

16. Take all the necessary vitamins

It is very important for your body to be healthy while implementing the pregnancy plan. For this, it is advisable to take nutritious diet. At the same time, you can take vitamins tablets in consultation with the doctor. During this time, you should consume Folic Acid with vitamin A, vitamin-D, vitamin-K and Vitamin-E as supplementary. 

17. Be prepared mentally

You have to be ready mentally before planning a child. You will have to understand that after the arrival of the child your responsibilities will increase and you will have to give your full time in child care.

18. Do not Exercise More

Exercise is essential for conceiving, but it is not good to exercise or exercise too much. Exercise, but not much. It has been proven that women who are more active in sports can have problems related to reproduction. This happens because they are physically more active. 

19. Do not take more medicines

Consumption of excessive medicines also affects your reproductive ability. Using drugs such as eyebrowen, aspirin, etc., you may have difficulty in conceiving. Therefore, do not consume any kind of medicine without consulting a doctor. 

20. Reduce the consumption of sweet things

Most sugar-rich beverages (especially soda and energy drinks) affect the reproductive capacity of both men and women. But, fresh fruit juice is safe for you. 

21. Keep the right age meditation

It is important to have a correct age to conceive. By keeping pregnancy at the right age, both the mother and the child are healthy. In the womb of a woman, age and quality of eggs gradually decreases. Women are more likely to conceive at the age of 25 to 30 years. At the same time, reaching at the age of 30, fertility is beginning to weaken. By 40, the female’s reproductive capacity is only five percent. 

22. Keep Men to Increase Fertility, Think Of These Things

The process of conception depends on the union of women’s eggs and male sperm. Therefore, men should also pay special attention to increasing their reproductive power. In order to increase the men’s reproductive capacity and keep them right, the following should be kept in mind:

  • Exercise but not too much.
  • Do not let the testicles get more heat. It has a bad effect on semen production. Wear loose breeches if possible, do not stay in the bathroom for a long time while taking a steam bath and stay away from hot spots or things. Avoid smoking and alcohol. 

Hopefully you have found answers to all your questions related to the process of pregnancy. Now that you have learned the concepts of conceiving easily, try not only to try them but do not forget to share your experience with us in the comment box below.


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