How To Prevent Pregnancy Before Marriage

How To Prevent Pregnancy Before Marriage

There are many ways to prevent pregnancy and prevent pregnancy, but if you are thinking about preventing pregnancy in a natural way then today we are going to tell you without preventing pregnancy without using pill and condom and prevention of pregnancy  is going to tell you how to do without condom sex, you will not get pregnant, how to avoid pregnancy and avoid posture Remedy

Most couples who have got a new marriage now, who want them to not have a child in their life and they are thinking about family planning but they do not want to use any kind of contraceptive remedy, they can adopt some such measures. Who function naturally to prevent pregnancy.

Tell us that the best way to prevent pregnancy is to use condoms, then there are contraceptive pills on the second number. If you do not want to use these two, you can not stop your pregnancy from 100% per cent. The possibility of getting pregnant up to you is still very effective. Let’s know about these.

Pregnancy way stop

Use Copper T to avoid pregnancy

Copper T is very effective in preventing pregnancy and avoiding pregnancy. Its use is also easy and by taking it once, you can avoid getting pregnant for many years. Copper T is one type of small There is a plastic rod which is inserted in the woman’s uterus, it mainly prevents the sperm from getting the egg.

The home remedies to avoid pregnancy are the use of contraceptive rings

A safe and simple method of preventing contraceptive ring pregnancy is believed to be inserted inside the vagina, its size is very small and flexible, which acts to prevent pregnancy by releasing hormones inside the body if its use If done correctly, it is effective in 98% haircut. You need to change it periodically while using it so that you can avoid pregnancy .

Pregnancy to avoid domestic measures Pulout method

If you want to use the natural methods of avoiding pregnancy, the most safe way is to pull-out method. If you are having sex in it, then you have to take out your sperm from vagina. This method is very effective but it is very important to use it correctly because if a small amount of sperm of your body enters the vagina Programming are increasing chances of getting pregnant.

A pull-out method means that before lifting the ejaculation, take out the penis from the vagina. Thus, when the semen does not reach the woman’s vagina , there is no chances of her being pregnant. Thus, by the time you get rid of your sperm First you take your penis out of the vagina so you can easily escape from conception.

The home remedy for prevention of pregnancy is the use of the contraceptive patch

Contraception page is considered a safe way to prevent pregnancy that you can put in your body in the lower part of your stomach. There is nothing else in the stomach that is found in estrogen and progesterone hormones found in the contraceptive pill which is your body Are absorbed naturally by when the hormones enter your body, it disrupts the process of egg discharge and The stroke that is not a chance of preventing the fertilization of sperm and egg and pregnancy.

Take care of your period to prevent pregnancy

Home Remedies for Pregnancy Prevention By taking care of your period, do not have sex according to your cycle, at the time when you are most likely to get pregnant, it is believed that between 5 and 10 days of end of menstruation The best time to get pregnant is that you avoid sexual intercourse at this time, so that you can avoid unnecessary pregnancy. This method is effective in some cases but Not every time it is beneficial to use it because the menstrual cycles in each woman change every month, so it is almost impossible to accurately estimate it.

From the first day of the period to the seventh day and from 22 days to 28 days, the safe intercourse period is considered during this time, if you intercourse without condom, then the chances of having your pregnancy are very low.

Tips to stop pregnancy and avoid pregnancy

So this was the manner in which you can prevent pregnancy and naturally prevent pregnancy.

Apart from this, if you want to avoid pregnancy, do not use condoms; Both types of condoms in the market, which are condoms for men and condoms available for women, at your convenience, you can use them and if you have any kind of create unprotected sex and you avoid pregnancy Unwanted contraceptive pills ( Unwanted may take contraceptive pills) are of such market Type of pills that exists that can be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex reduces the risk of your pregnancy and are largely effective.

But you should use them at the time of need, taking too much amounts of emergency contraceptive pills can be harmful for health.

If you have sex before marriage, then you will have to bear these losses!

Nowadays young people think of sex before marriage.

They feel good to have sex before marriage, but do you know that doing so may be harmful for you.

Yes, there are some disadvantages of sex before marriage.

Let us tell you what you can do to get sex before marriage.

  • Some couples make connections after a wedding or some day before marriage, but if one of the two partners does not feel satisfied with one of them, then they can break the relationship.
  • Some people begin to feel valiant when they have a relationship with one person. They complain that the excitement has disappeared from their relationship. In such a situation, they try to stop marriage.
  • If you are a sexual and emotional involve with another person before marriage, then this can prove to be dangerous for your marriage. In such a situation, if you marry then you can be ruined for your life.
  • The reason for having a relationship before marriage may be a possibility of having a sexually transmitted disease or you may be pregnant. It is not necessary that your partner should accompany you, so be careful as much as possible.

If you are in a relationship with someone who is not worthy of you, then you will not want to break her marriage just because you have got physical relations between the two. But to be successful in any relationship, it is very important for both partners to be compatable for each other.

  • Those who have been dating each other for many years and have also become sexual relations between them, the feeling of boredom starts coming more quickly among them.

In this way, sex can be put before marriage – if you are also in a relationship, then my advice is to trust yourself more than the other. Do the same thing that is right for you.

How To Avoid Being Pregnant – Home Remedies For Pregnancy

How to avoid being pregnant, these questions are for every girl who wants to save herself from getting pregnant after having sex. There is a right time and way to do sex. If you want to protect yourself from being pregnant, do not have sex during menstruation. How to Avoid Getting Pregnant Question is that many women are always upset. Today, from having sex in young women, most inquiries occur during menstruation. And among them, the information is spread to the maximum that 13 to 16 days of having menstrual period If you have sex between you, then you are more likely to get pregnant. And it is not that the womb does not stay in the rest of the days.
How to Avoid Getting Pregnant – If you want to know at home whether you are pregnant or not, then you can use a variety of perspective testers present in the market, which gives you results within 5 minutes. . And if you do not want to get pregnant early then you can use Copper T. This is the best and effective solution. Copper T is a small T-shaped plastic that is planted in the uterus of the woman. Using condom during sex does not get pregnant. But before using the condom, it is very important to know about the experiment properly. Home remedies for healing secret of itch

How to Avoid Being Pregnant – Methods of Not Being Pregnant

Condom use is the best and safest to avoid getting pregnant because the rubber latex of the condom does not let the sperm or sperm of the male go inside. And if you do not use condom while having sex then you become pregnant and without using it, the most fierce and incurable illness becomes AIDS. There are many types of contraceptive pills available in the market to prevent pregnancy. If your partner is not using condoms during sex, then you should take contraception pills regularly for your safety. This is a better effective way to avoid these pills as you get pregnant. How to remove the blackness of the lips

Pregnancy Before Marriage
Pregnancy Before Marriage

And one thing to keep in mind is that contraception pills eat according to the instructions; irregularity in it causes the effect of the tablet to end and the possibility of pregnancy will increase. Those who do not get pregnant by consuming them. If you get vomited within three hours of eating the pill, then take the second pillar as soon as possible. Within 72 hours of making unprotected sex, consuming these pills (Emergency Contraception Pills) reduces the chances of pregnancy. How to make spinach paratha
Remedies to avoid unwanted pregnancy

How to Avoid Being Pregnant – Sometimes, during sex, both men and women begin to masturbate for extreme pleasure. If a woman masturbates with a man, then it is possible that the semen is felt in her fingers, and if she again puts this finger in her secret body then it is possible that the semen goes into it. Apart from this, the probability of pregnancy increases substantially, so do not forget to masturbate. People get tired of reaching extremes of sex and in spite of sperm ejaculation, they prefer to keep the penis inside the vagina, which actually increases the chances of getting pregnant. How to get pregnant at once Read here

If you want to save yourself from pregnancy in a domestic way then you should take plenty of vitamins in the amount of vitamins and one thing must be kept in mind that use Vitamin C which does not have any kind of adulteration. And Vitamin C you only have to take 1500 mg and by regular use it can save you from getting pregnant. Even if you have had 3 days of sexual intercourse, you should still eat pure vitamins at least twice a day Do it. If your period is delayed by 1-2 days, then take vitamin c in the amount of 3000 ml for 5 days. If still there is a pregnancy test positive then do not stop this remedy or else it may be possible to get rid of the mischief due to which you can get health worse.

Natural Remedies for Family Planning

Immediately after having sex, if you eat 2-3 pieces of figs, then figs also help prevent your pregnancy. And if sex without condom or your partner does sex with you without condom then the probability of getting pregnant increases up to 100%. To avoid this problem, you must take two days of papaya and do this procedure for about two to three days. If you consume papaya, you will not have to go through abortion. Remedies for long hours

If you take ginger thoroughly and take it from anybody, then put that finely ginger in a hot hot water and let it boil for a while and then cool for 5 minutes. Take out some water and then take this hot water. If you drink two cups like this daily, then you will not be at risk of getting pregnant. Neem is a very fruitful tree that helps eliminate all kinds of disease and its best thing is that it does not have any side effects. And this is a very effective drug as it reduces the ability of sperm to reach the egg, thus the fertilization of eggs and sperm can not be done.

Nowadays, neem tablets are also available at the medical store, which men can eat every day and the possibility of pregnancy can be stopped for some time. Also, neem oil should also be pregnant by using injection.

Safe sex is done using condoms

The infection caused by unprotected sex remains a threat to sexually transmitted diseases. To avoid this, you have to use condoms. The meaning of unsafe sex is the sex without condom, and the benefits of condoms

Safe sex is done using condoms
  • Prevents sperm from going into vagina
  • Prevent exchange of fluid or blood emitting from vagina
  • Providing protection against infection transmitted by STD or sex.

You have to remember that there is no way that you give percentage protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

  1. No women or men are pregnant by touching or kissing. To be pregnant, men’s semen should go inside the woman’s vagina. Therefore it is safe to use condoms during sex.
  2. It is always right to use condoms. It protects from unwanted pregnancy and also protects from sexually transmitted diseases, but the point of attention is that you should keep it in full-time during sex so that you are protected against sexually transmitted diseases.
  3. Let us know that the natural fluid is formed in the vagina, but if the lubricant is used at the time of condom use, it decreases the risk of rupture or holes. But if condom breaks while sex and men’s semen goes inside the female’s vagina then pregnancy can occur. Emergency contraceptive pill like i-pill is taken immediately. Do not delay taking the pill. The longer the fetus will remain, the longer the risk of staying pregnant. (Read more – Information about sex lubricant type usage )
  4. Do not use old, cracked or expired condoms in any condition; do not use two condoms together for extra protection . Also do not use teeth to open or cut a condom packet because it increases the chances of holes in it.
  5. Do not use a used condom once again. Always use new condoms.
  6. Do not use female condoms and male condoms together.
  7. Condoms are considered effective only when they have been used full time until the end of sexual intercourse from the onset of sex.

Safe Sex – Ways to Safe Sex

female reproductive system how to use female condom
  1. Pregnancy can not be caused by touching or by doing . As long as the ejaculation of the male is not within the vagina of the woman, pregnancy can not occur. Therefore, use protection during sex.
  2. Always use condoms. This prevents unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases from sexually transmitted diseases (STD), if it is worn during whole sex, then it can be prevented from having sexually transmitted diseases.
  3. When making a relationship, keep in mind that only use water-based or silicon-based lubricants for lubrication. Do not use any type of jelly, oil or Vaseline in the house.
  4. Pregnancy pills, hormonal injection, patch, copper tea etc. can prevent pregnancy, but these measures will not prevent sexually transmitted diseases .
  5. Sexually transmitted diseases can also be sexually transmitted diseases (STD) due to oral sex, so be careful while doing so. And if you are involved in any kind of oral sex, then use the protection. Infections such as herpes herpes also occur through oral sex.
  6. Do not take emergency contraceptive pill frequently .
  7. Clean the genitals with soap after oral sex .
  8. Wash the private parts with water after sex.
  9. Do not touch the vagina after touching the anal (Anus) or having anal sex during sex and do not touch your fingers in the vagina.
  10. Do not have sex if vaginal smells occur.
  11. Do not have physical contact with multiple people at once or with different people. This will increase the risk of sexually transmitted diseases .

Sexual methods which are safe

  1. Kisses or kissing (also called French kissing) If there is no pain or other problem in your mouth.
  2. Cuddling
  3.  Massage the other
  4. Masturbate 
  5. Mutual masturbation
  6. Sperm on the outside of the vagina
  7. Intercourse using contraceptive – like condom or female condom .

Precautions to be followed after unprotected sex

If you have had unprotected sex due to hasty or other reason, then make the following measures necessary so that in the future you will not have any problems with it –

  1. Clean vaginal or anal (Anus).
  2. Confirm your pregnancy. Take emergency contraception pill. Its intake within 72 hours is the best way to avoid pregnancy after unprotected sex, but it can be taken up to 120 hours of unprotected sex or on condom break, if other types of contraceptives are not used.
  3. To prevent AIDS, conduct HIV tests.

What is the safe time to have sex?

Safe time or period’ means that when men and women enjoy sex, at the time the woman is less likely to get pregnant. Scientifically speaking, this safe period takes place before the seventh day of the menstrual period (period) and remains from the 19th day until the beginning of the next cycle.

Normally women’s menstrual cycle is of 28 days. Between 8 to 19 days if there is unsafe sexual intercourse then there is a complete chance of conceiving, because fertility is very active in that period.

But during the ‘safe period’, there is a possibility of getting pregnant due to unsafe sexual intercourse. Many women have irregular menstrual cycle. The timing of the monthly cycle of women’s body is different. So the point of ‘safe period’ is true, but there is hardly anybody right knowledge about it. Therefore, to avoid unwanted pregnancy, using condoms (contraceptive cover) or contraceptive drugs is a safe option. Which you know above in the way of safe sex

Is Sex Safe During Menstruation

There is also information about menstruation in the way of safe sex, menstruation is a natural physiological procedure in women, so you should take the time to have your menstrual cycle effortlessly. But most women do not know what to do in menstrual or not. Especially when it comes to sex during menstruation.

Methods of Safe Sex During Menstruation

  • If you want to have sex during menstruation, then you can. During this, if both partners agree, then there is no harm in scientifically any kind of sex.
  • Some people prefer to have sex only during menstruation, because during this time the wetting of the female genital organ is already made, which facilitates sex.
  • During menstruation, the possibility of getting pregnant with sex remains unchanged.
  • One important thing is that if a woman gets peak during sexual intercourse, she gets a lot of comfort in the pain of the waist and pelvic occurring during her monthly period.

When should not be sex during menstruation

  • If a woman is suspected of any kind of infection during menstruation, then sex should not be done in such a way.
  • Give special attention to the cleanliness of the sexes to have sex at the time of menstruation. Penis and vagina should be properly washed with water after sex. Mild dysfunctated medicines should also be cleansed twice a week.
  • If your partner is having stomach or vaginal pain during menstruation and if your partner has any objection then should not have sex during the menstrual period.

Myths related to safe sex

There are many myths in the society about safe sex and how to make safer sex, which can not be the right information for you to create trouble during the vagina relationship. Let’s know about this:

  • Some people believe that having a plan for future planning for sex, the mood is bad.
  • Only by looking at anyone to find out if it has any kind of sexually transmitted disease or not.
  • Understanding that homosexuals may have sexually transmitted diseases.
  • By taking contraception pill  , it is believed that women are doing safe sex.
  • Condoms reduce the natural feeling of sex.
  • Do not think that ‘doing just once’ means nothing to do.
  • Using condoms and buying it is embarrassing.

The heroine, who had gone pregnant before marriage, know who has hidden it 

Many actresses became pregnant after crossing all the limits in love, and after that someone tried to hide their pregnancy by marrying someone, then somebody else took the other way and then somebody has some other way to do it.

Many times we forget the boundaries by bonding in relationships. This is what happened with the Bollywood actress. Due to the fear of the world, they married in haste, but the truth does not hide. Know about the Bollywood actresses who got pregnant before marriage.


who ruled Bollywood for a decade, scoffed at the beauty of her beauty that many big actors, filmmakers became crazy about her. These are the only heroines who have accepted their pregnancy before marriage. According to the report, Sridevi was seven months pregnant while bonding with Boney Kapoor in bondage. The couple married in 1996, while their eldest daughter Jahnavi was born a few months after the marriage.

Konkona Sen

Konkona Sen
Konkona was dating his co-actor Ranvir Shorey. Whom he had stolen, stolen, secretly married in 2010. In early 2011, Konkana gave birth to a child. However, according to the reports, these pairs are no longer in common.

shuriti hassan mother sarka

Sarika, was already dating Kamal Hassan, a married couple. After Kamal Hassan’s first marriage broke, he started living with Sarika in live-in relationship. After which Sarika gave birth to her first daughter Shruti. Many years after the birth of Shruti, Kamal and Sarika got married. Although their marriage did not last long, both of them got divorced.

Amrita Arora Pregnancy before marrige

Amrita Arora
Amrita took the decision of her wedding in the earliest. This heroine was dating the famous businessman Shakeel. When Amruta got to know of her pregnancy, she immediately got married to Shakil.

Celina Jaitly

Celina Jaitly
Celina Jaitly also hastened to marry her Austrian resident, Peter Hag. However Celina denies having her pregnant But his close relatives believe that Selena was a two-month pregnant at the time of marriage.


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