Importance Of Godh Bharai Rasam – Indian Baby Shower

Godh Bharai Rasam
Importance Of Godh Bharai Rasam - Indian Baby Shower The Godh Bharai Ceremony

When a woman is pregnant, the whole family gets involved in the preparation of the new guest reception. After delivery, certain things are needed for the baby, which everyone takes to collect. At the same time, some traditional rituals are also performed before the child is born, one of which is Baby Shower.

In this article of Mamjunjon we will talk about the ceremony of baby shower. First of all, it is important to know that what is the baby shower. Regarding this, we are going to tell you in detail below:

What Is Baby Shower?

Baby Shower is called ‘Baby Shower’ in English. Baby stuffing means ‘filling the lap with abundance’. This is a traditional ritual, in which many children and pregnant women are given many blessings and both of them wish for good health. This ritual has been given different names in every region of India. In ‘Seemantham’ in Kerala, ‘Shad’ in Bengal, then in Tamil Nadu, it is called ‘Valkapu’.

Let’s know now when the ceremony of baby shower is done.

When Is Baby Shower Done?

In some families, the baby shower ritual is done in the seventh month of pregnancy. It is believed that the baby born in the mother and womb in this month is completely safe. However, when baby showers are done, it also depends on which community the pregnant woman is from. People of every community play this ritual in different months. In some communities this ritual is organized in the eighth month of pregnancy. At the same time, some families do not have a baby shower ritual. Instead, after the birth of the child, worship or any other ritual is performed.

Now know how the baby shower ritual is performed.

How Is Baby Shower Done?

The method of baby showering can be different in every area of ​​the country, but the purpose is to bless the child and mother. Gifts are also given to pregnant women during this period. However, this gift is only for pregnant women. Gifts for a child who are being given are given only after his birth. In some families, on this occasion, elderly women of the house emit pregnant women with special oil. After this, the pregnant woman is dressed in sari and is decorated with flowers.

Before this ceremony a pooja is also done. This whole ceremony involves women only. Pregnant is prepared very well in this program. Pregnant woman with a bangles and other ornaments in her hands looks very beautiful. Participants are invited to attend the ceremony, especially for women. Dancing and singing, laughing fun Other customs are all part of the baby showers.

During this time, some fun games are also played, such as the size of the pregnant belly, making an estimate that the child being born or the boy will be However, all this is just a part of the joke, there is no scientific basis for it.

Further in this article we read the significance of this ritual.

Importance Of Baby Shower Ritual

As we said in the Indian tradition, during the pregnancy, people organize a baby shower ritual during the seventh or eighth month, but many people are unaware of the importance behind this ritual. Therefore, here we are explaining the importance of baby showers:

  • The first reason is that the good child is requested for good health through this ritual. It is believed that this special puja ends the defect of the womb.
  • During this pregnancy, many fruits and dried fruits are given as gift, which are very nutritious. By eating them, pregnant and child’s health prevails.
  • It is believed that eating greasy foods during pregnancy gives ease of delivery. This is the reason why pregnant women are given fatty foods such as sweets and snacks etc. in the baby shower. However, there is no scientific basis for these things.

Tips For Mother On Baby Shower

Even though this day is very happy and fun for the pregnant woman, but it is justified to tired pregnant women from all-day rituals. Therefore, here are some important tips for pregnant women:

  1. Relax: Before the rituals of baby showers begin, you should relax, because you can be tired after the rituals begin.
  2. Focus on clothes: Think about what you need to wear during the rituals. Do not wear clothes in which you are not uncomfortable. Do not wear heavy clothes or jewelry.
  3. Keep yourself hydrated: In the meantime, do not allow water shortage at all. Keep yourself hydrated and drink plenty of water.
  4. Take care of food and drink: At this time you will get many sweets to eat, but keep in mind that you do not eat much sweets because the stomach can get worse.
  5. Gifts: You can offer bangles, scarf or sweets as gifts for the guests who attended the ceremony.
  6. For Entertainment: Keep a list of your favorite songs during this time and play these songs of your choice during the ceremony. Apart from this, you can also call Mehndi to get a henna in his hands.

Let’s now know some beautiful songs of baby shower.

List Of Beautiful Songs For Baby Showers

Now it is not possible to organize a beautiful ceremony such as a baby shower for a pregnant woman and not a song or music. Therefore, we have come up with a list of some special songs of baby showers, which will double the fun of this celebration:

  • Krishna Kanhaiya of Vrindavan is the star of the eyes of all, why the heart is Radhika, Mohan is all the sweet, Vrindavan’s Krishna Kanhaiya …: Film – Miss Mary
  • The news of the coming of a new guest, the heart is in the wave: film – life
  • Sixteen make-up, take dock: film – at the moment
  • The world of your dreams is going to be revolving, the moon is going to be heard from the sky: TV serial – what is this relationship called?
  • I came to my house with a little angel, riding on Chandni’s Haseen Chariot: Film – sometimes
  • Chanda is you, my sun is you, o is the star of my eyes. You: Film – Worship
  • Your lap is now going to be filled with happiness, your reader is going to be born soon: TV serial – what is this relationship called?
  • Little, lovely-c, ninth-c, i have no angel: film – clumsy
  • My world you are ray, my happiness is you re: film – hey baby
  • Say you sun or donate, you call lamp or star: film – a flower two gardener

Now after the list of songs, let’s take a look, during the games played during this time.

Sports In Baby Shower

Like without any fun or every function of the game seems faded, then how can the ceremony of baby shower be different? That’s why we are talking about some of the games for this important occasion, which will double the fun of this event:

  • Estimating the size of pregnant belly: This game can be quite interesting. For this you have to give ribbon straps to all women who came in the baby shower. By cutting these ribbons they will have to guess the size of the pregnant belly. The exact answer that will come will win this game.
  • What do you think of eating? Existing women will guess what the pregnant wants to eat the most during pregnancy. The answer whose answer came true will be declared the winner.
  • Diaper Challenge: Make you two teams of people and give them dolls prepared. Two members of the two teams will have to wear doll cloth and diapers by packing their eyes and then they have to be prepared again. The team who won the job better and quicker will win.
  • Baby time capsule: In this game, all women will bring some things related to the coming child, such as school bags, diapers and clothes etc. and will tell how pregnant women change after childbirth. It will be really fun.
  • Guess delivery date: Take a calendar and ask all guests to mark it for the date of delivery. Whoever guessed correctly, he would be the winner of this game.
I want to play the game for you
Importance Of Godh Bharai Rasam

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Special Theme For Baby Showers

Along with changing time, ideas have changed as well. Now when the wedding and parties can be a theme base, the theme like a baby shower can also be a theme base. Believe it, it will be great to do so. Here we are showing pictures of some special themes, which you might find some ideas:

  • Decorate the house with toys: If you are organizing it in the house, then decorate the house with children’s toys. For this, balloons, guddy-dolls, cars or bat-balls can be used.
khilunon se ghar ko sajaana
Theme For Baby Showers

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  • Baby Pink Theme: According to this theme, everything in the ceremony will be pink, that is pink. From guests’ clothing, gift and decoration to cake, even the cake will be pink.
bebee pink theem
Indian Baby Shower

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  • Coming Soon Theme: According to this theme, the paper related to the child’s reception will have to be done by writing something like ‘Baby Coming Soon’, ‘Mom To Be,’ We Are Waiting ‘etc. You can decorate whatever message you want to give to the baby coming on paper. This will be a fun idea in fact.
Kamiṅga sūna thīma
Tips For Baby Shower

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Some Tips For Baby Shower

Yes, baby showers are a really fun and happy spreading ceremony in which the mother and child are blessed. If you follow the tips outlined below, then this festival will have four moons:

  1. Bottom Party: If you are spending a lot of money in the baby shower, you can adopt the idea of ​​the party. Guests coming in this must bring some food items from their own home. This will make this event even more interesting.
  2. Special for pregnant: Special attention is given to pregnant women in the baby shower ritual. Therefore, if you wish, you can arrange for a spa or beauty parlor coupon for pregnant women, so that the pregnant can get some relief physically and mentally.
  3. Open Location: If you like, you can do the ritual of baby shower even under the open sky.
  4. Make yourself accessories: Instead of bringing expensive gifts from outside guests, you can make some gifts by making your own hands in the house. Besides, for decoration you can decorate the house by making decor items with the help of chart paper and ribbon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to prepare for baby showers?

While preparing for baby showers in pregnancy, first of all, you need to keep in mind that you do not wear anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. If there is a summer, do not wear clothes that have not worked much and are light in weight. You can hail in the hair with light make-up. If you are wearing saris or lingerie, do not wear too heavy. Make a make-up that matches your dress. At the same time, Long Party Gown is very fashionable, which is available in the market for a special pregnant woman. You will find yourself very comfortable and comfortable in it.

What baby stuffing is done for another child?

Yes, baby shower can be done for another child too. As we have said in this ceremony, pregnant women are wishing for good health of the child who is going to be pregnant, so this ritual can be done for the other child too.

Why are baby stuffing done, what is the reason behind this ritual, you have found the answers to all these articles in this article. Also, we hope that the ideas given above will work for you. If you are pregnant and your baby shower ritual has been done, tell us in the comments box below that what games were played and how much you enjoyed during this time. Also, share this article with pregnant women, who will soon be carrying baby shower.


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