When Does Ovulation Occur | Can Pregnancy Occur in Menstrual Cycle? Pregnant

When Does Ovulation Occur | Can Pregnancy Occur in Menstrual Cycle?

If you want to be pregnant, then consider these 5 things (how to get pregnant in English tips) –

How to Get Pregnant (How to Get Pregnant in English)

To be pregnant, correct your life Include fertility – boosting food in your diet, such as:

Fruits (such as oranges, grapes, strawberries, plums etc.) which contain anti-oxidants
Fiber and dairy products (milk, curd, lassi etc.) contain high amounts of calcium which makes your uterus and egg fit.
Start exercising to keep yourself fit.

Dr Preity Arora Dhamija says, “If you do not exercise, then start with a 15-minute drive. Slowly increase it up to 30 minutes. ”

Remember: the more you will be able to conceive, the greater your ability to conceive.

Know what’s the right time to conceive

The probability of conception is most often in the mid-cycle (fertile period).

If your menstrual cycle is 28 days then according to your fertile period tenth to eighteen days (10 – 18).


Know your fertile period from the picture below.

Ovulation Calendar when does ovulation occur Can pregnant occur in menstrual cycle
Ovulation Calendar when does ovulation occur Can pregnancy occur in menstrual cycle


Have sex with your husband

Have sex with your husband
Have sex with your husband

During the fertility period, intercourse with your husband every other day. There is no special effect on sex positions to conceive.

Remember: No special sex positions have any effect on your pregnancy.

Keep trying to conceive

Dr Preeti says, “If you and your husband are under 35 years of age, you can still take 1 year to conceive.”

Remember: it can take time to conceive. Do not take stress and keep trying.

Consult a doctor

If you have been trying for more than a year, consult a doctor.

Some medical reasons such as thyroid, obesity can become an obstruction in pregnancy.

If you have a medical disorder, then you should consult a doctor before attempting pregnancy (preconception counselling).

Remember: It is important to have stress free and good communication between you and both, to get pregnant.

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After marriage, the time to conceive in a woman’s life and mom to become a mother is most beautiful, but sometimes due to some reasons, the woman is delayed in pregnancy. In such a situation, there are some questions in his mind such as what is the right time for a child to be born, how to make a pregnant, how many days after a woman’s period is pregnant, how to do pregnancy and how to become pregnant. The easy way to get quick pregnancy, the right time and way ..

The reason for not being pregnant can be physical and mental. There are only a few people who do not know what to do to get pregnant. Some women resort to dua, tricks, tablets and medicine in a way to get pregnant early.

If you are thinking of getting pregnant in the near future then stay away from consuming medicines that prevent pregnancy and pregnancy. In today’s lifestyle, the level of reproduction power of men and women is becoming very low; in this case women or men should adopt other methods of being pregnant with the advice of the doctor in the problem of infertility.

To be pregnant, it is important to have physical intercourse but it is most important that these beings are at the right time and the exact time information is revealed by ovulation time, this time is the proper time to conceive. Let’s know what is the correct way to conceive and what is the ovulation period.

Know the easy way to get quick pregnancy

Know the easy way to get quick pregnancy
Know the easy way to get quick pregnancy

1. The ovulation period is the best time to be pregnant. This is the only time associated with menstruation.

2. Before knowing when the ovulation period starts, understand that the time of ovulation for every woman is different.

3. To know the time of ovulation, the woman should know the periods of time.

4. Ovulation is approximately 12 to 14 days before period of start of period, and this period can last up to 7 days before arrival. Ovulation is the time in which if the relationship is formed then the probability of pregnancy is 100%.

5. At the time of ovulation (12-14 days before the period) and the next 5 days the female’s reproduction capacity is very high.

6. Suppose a woman’s period 25 arrives, her ovulation time can be between 11 and 13 years.

7. If you want to be fast fast, keep the attention of the ovulation. The woman is pregnant with the sperm and egg union. Once the ovari leaves, the egg remains alive for 24 to 36 hours. Therefore it is necessary to build a relationship in this time.

8. Try to match every day to conceive during the period of ovulation and if not everyday, leave for 1 day. Doing this increases the likelihood of the combination of sperm and egg and increases the likelihood of women becoming pregnant.

9. For women who know the exact date of arrival of their periods, it is easy to know the ovulation time and to make a pregnancy plan, but for some women, the problem of irregular menstruation is a major reason for not pregnant.

10. Those who do not get periods of time should treat their irregular periods before starting the remedy to be pregnant.

The right time and way to Get Pregnant Fast


1. Before removing the pregnancy, it is important for both men and women to remain in both physical and mental ways. The bad effect of taking a woman’s excess stress falls on ovulation, which causes problems in pregnancy and the remedy is very effective for being healthy, healthy and stress free.

2. In addition to tips to be pregnant after the procedure, the woman should also take care of cleanliness, because during this, there is a greater risk of infection.

3. The correct age of pregnancy is 22 years to 29 years for the woman and if it is a pregnancy plan at the age of 25, this is the best time because at the age of 25, the woman was ready to create a child physically and mentally is.

4. If you are thinking of getting pregnant then wait for complete menstrual cycle to stop.

5. It is necessary for the weight of the woman to be balanced for the child to be born. Overweight and decreasing weight decreases the likelihood of being pregnant.

6. If the epilepsy is high then the estrogen in the body is made more that hinders the ovulation and if the girl’s body is too thin, then it is a problem of irregular menstruation.

7. If the exact date of the period is not known then it becomes difficult to find out the time of the ovulation, in such cases, either treat the irregular menstruation or wait for a few months and note the date of the period.

8. Removal of any kind of drunkenness it weakens the reproductive ability, which causes difficulties in pregnancy.

1. There is more chances of getting pregnant after mixing immediately after ephellasia. If the discharge of blood ends on Chhath, then on the seventh day must be mixed

2. After 11 days of this, you can try again as long as the ovulation time starts.

3. Some opinions may differ about this, so before starting pregnancy remedies, consult a doctor and take full information about this.



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